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Tips To Make Your Home Listing More Appealing To Buyers

by Fernando Moore

Are you in the process of creating your home listing for the MLS? If so, it helps to know what you should be putting into the listing to make it more appealing to buyers. Follow these tips if you want to see success with your listing.

Take Professional Photos

Many people will not even read the description of your home that's in the listing. Instead, they'll just browse the photos that accompany the listing and make a quick decision based on those alone. That is why it is worth hiring a professional to help you take really good photos of your home. You will be amazed at what the right lenses and a little bit of staging can do to make your home stand out in the photographs.

Avoid Telling Your Personal Story

The buyer is not going to care for the reasons that you are selling your home, so there is no reason to go into it within your home's description. Don't feel the need to say that you're motivated to sell, moving out of state, or ready to have a shorter commute to your new job. These are not reasons that are going to motivate a buyer, and they just add on to a lengthy description that potential buyers may stop reading.

However, it is okay to include details about the home that attracted it to you in the first place. You may have loved its proximity to public transportation or a nearby park. It could have been the great school district that you sent your kids to. Just make sure to avoid talking in first person so it doesn't feel like your personal story.

Be Descriptive

The home's description is your opportunity to be descriptive of what your home is like. Use your words to describe things that may not be apparent from the photos. For example, when describing a kitchen, consider mentioning the brand names of your appliances if they are high end. You want to point out things that an interested buyer will want to know if they have decided to read the whole listing.

You should also describe things about the neighborhood that can help make it more appealing. Things that could help are details like the local businesses that are within walking distance or how the street is quiet and has friendly neighbors. 

Struggling to come up with a good listing for your home? Work with your real estate agent for assistance.