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Looking For Hunting Land? 4 Things To Consider

by Fernando Moore

Are you looking to purchase a piece of land for hunting? If so, you'll want to know for the features to look out for. If you have never purchased hunting land before, you may not know the things you should be looking for. Here are 4 things to consider for great hunting land.


It goes without saying, but you need a large wooded area if you plan on hunting large game. If you do not have plenty of trees to provide cover, you won't be finding many animals to hunt on your property. Trees help provide areas for you to place deer blinds, which is a place where you can sit high up in the trees and wait for the animals to just walk by.

Tall Grassy Areas

Many animals that can be hunted enjoy spending time in tall grass. This includes pheasants, moose, caribou, elk, and deer. Grass is an area where animals feel safe since they use it to hide from their predators and blend in with their surroundings. They can even use tall grass to sleep in during in evening. Wild boars use tall grass to look for things to eat, such as grubs and various bugs. You need plenty of tall grass on the hunting land if you want to have a successful time hunting.

Marshes and Ponds

While marshes tend to draw in mosquitoes, they will help out for hunting certain animals. Geese and ducks tend to gravitate around marshes and ponds because they're a great place for nesting and a nearby water source. Ponds also help produce tadpoles, tiny fish, and insects that can be eaten. You may not be fond of those pesky mosquitoes, but the water will bring a different type of wildlife to the property that you can hunt. If the water has tall grasses in it, you can even hunt while in the water with some camouflage.


Caves will be a feature you may want or avoid depending on the type of animals you are hunting. Caves tend to draw in boars and bears, which are larger and more dangerous prey, but they also attract bats, snakes, and rodents. If the caves are not being used by other animals, they can then be used by yourself as a form of shelter if the weather gets rough.

With these 4 things in mind, you can contact your real estate agent to learn about real estate for sale in your area.