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Peeling Back Curb Appeal: Prepping A House For Listing

by Fernando Moore

When the bug to move bites, it is tempting to rush for relief by listing your house as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, the pictures you include with your listing are often the first impression that potential buyers get of your home. You may see a lived-in home, but buyers will likely see an aged, claustrophobic project. Not many people are willing to commit hard-earned money for the next thirty years just to buy themselves a home that requires homework to make it livable. Thus, it is important to find the right balance of putting money into your home to increase its resale value without dropping too much money. 

Yard vs. Jungle

One of the first places you should start is with your yard. After all, if people do decide to look at your house, they will see your yard first. Make sure you keep your grass trimmed, watered, fertilized and looking its manicured, emerald-green best. The next step is to address your trees and bushes. At the very least, you will want to prune your trees and bushes. However, if your trees screen off your home, you may consider removing them altogether since they can make your lot look more like an overgrown disaster than a home plot. Finally, you will want to keep any flower beds or planters weeded and watered. 


Just as it is important to keep your yard looking neat and clean, it is also important to keep your home looking clean and open. Murals and patterned walls can simply make your home look busy and make it hard for buyers to envision how to make the home theirs. Thus, you should paint your home in warm, neutral colors to give buyers a blank canvas to write their dreams on. You will also want to consider putting clothing and furniture in storage. Just keep the bear minimum to make your home livable because too much stuff can make a home look cramped and dirty whether it is clean or not. 

The tips discussed above do not require much in the way of money. You basically just pay for paint. You will, however, have to put in the work to keep your yard and house clean and inviting. While there is more you could do, the important thing is to start somewhere and make sure your home is ready to make a good impression before you put it on the market. 

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