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Is It Time To Hire A New Realtor? 4 Ways To Know

by Fernando Moore

If you have ever found yourself struggling to sell your home, you know how effective a good realtor can be. Unfortunately, not all pairs of realtors and sellers work well together. It is often necessary to consider hiring a new realtor to handle your home. If you have been thinking about how to best handle your transaction, you might consider looking for a new realtor. These four signs will show you that perhaps it's time to take action and switch realtors.

1. Your house just won't sell.

Simply because a real estate agent is experienced and has sold homes before does not mean that he or she is the perfect choice to sell your home. You also need to look for marketing efforts. What tactics is the real estate agent using to make a difference in the way your house is perceived? What changes has the agent made to the pricing or condition of the house to promote its sale? If you can't answer this question, you may want to speak to another real estate professional.

2. Your real estate agent isn't delivering on promises.

You might realize that your real estate agent just can't deliver on their promises. Realism is an essential component of being an agent, and you must be able to trust your agent wholeheartedly. Broken promises do not necessarily indicate that somebody is behaving badly. It could just mean that your agent lacks the necessary experience to sell your home.

3. You struggle to communicate.

The key to building a strong relationship with your realtor is to communicate, but you may feel as if you are lacking communication from your agent. You must ensure that your real estate agent keeps you up to date with feedback received from potential buyers as well as any offers. An inexperienced realtor may fail to tell you about possible problems with the loan approval process or of buyer questions in a timely manner, ultimately sabotaging your sale.

4. You feel like your real estate agent is not answering your questions accurately or honestly.

Some real estate agents may unknowingly direct you toward a plan of action you aren't necessarily interested in. Selling your home is a big step, and you must be able to trust the person selling it. Sometimes asking questions you already know the answer to can be helpful in assessing your real estate agent's knowledge.

Trust is essential in this transaction. Seeking the assistance of a qualified and experienced realtor is the best way to ensure that your home is sold. For more information, contact a local real estate company like ERA Key 1 Realty Inc.-Cindy Frank