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Searching For A Mountain Property Vacation Home? 4 Points To Discuss With A Local Real Estate Expert

by Fernando Moore

Vacation home purchases can have many benefits, especially when the type of home being purchased is well-aligned with the interests and activities your family already enjoys. In addition to providing convenient, comfortable recreational opportunities, like skiing, hiking, or hunting, the purchase of a mountain property vacation home could also provide families with a profitable real estate investment capable of producing short-term rental income during the weeks or months when the family does not plan to use the property. 

When considering the purchase of mountain property for use as a vacation or second home, prospective buyers will want to take time to discuss the following points with a local real estate expert. 

Ongoing value

Even families who plan to retain ownership of a vacation home for many years must be concerned with both current and future real estate value when considering any property purchase. Having the real estate agent prepare a professional comparative market analysis of each property under consideration will help prospective buyers gain a better understanding of the mountain property real estate market and any trends that are likely to affect future value. 

Convenient access  

Access is especially important when considering the purchase of a vacation home situated on mountain property. When trying to decide which mountain property to purchase, it's important for buyers to remember to ask the real estate agent about the condition of any access roads they will use to reach the property and how snowfall, flooding, and other seasonal weather conditions are likely to affect these routes. 

Premise security

While initial intentions for use are often expansive, in reality, most families find themselves using their vacation home just a few weeks each year. Discussing any existing premise security issues with the real estate agent will help prospective buyers become more familiar with local law enforcement agencies and neighborhood watch programs in the area. Real estate agents can also refer vacation home owners to private security companies that install residential alarm systems or offer regular patrols of the premises. 

Property management

The best vacation homes are those that are capable of producing income to cover some or all of the expenses of owning the property. In most cases, offering the property for short stay rentals to other vacationers is the simplest method of earning rental income while still ensuring that the property is available for your own family to use. Mountain property vacation home buyers who agree to allow their real estate agent to provide professional property management services for the property will be better positioned to profit from their investment. 

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