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How To Help An Agent Sell Your Property

by Fernando Moore

If you are selling a property, don't sit back and relax after signing a contract with a real estate agent. You also need to participate in the sales process if you want your property to sell fast. Here are four ways in which you can contribute:

Be Flexible With Viewings

When selling a property, you want as many people as possible to view it since you never know who will eventually buy it. Unfortunately, restrictive viewing hours may lock out some potential buyers. For example, if you only allow viewing during normal business hours, you will easily block those who must work during normal house and can only visit the house outside those hours. While it may be inconvenient to allow visits over the weekends or in the late evenings, you should try to accommodate those people as much as possible.

Take Care of the Little Repairs

Fixing up visible damage will go a long way toward convincing prospective buyers that you have looked after your property well. For example, a section of damaged fence may not look significant to you, but your buyers may see it as a sign of more serious damages. According to buyer mentality, a property with small, visible damage is likely hiding serious damages.

Help Spread the Word

There many ways in which you can help market the house. For example, you can share the listing on your social media pages. You can also ask your colleagues, friends, and family members to share it on their pages too.  Don't restrict yourself to online accounts; even in the physical world, you should spread the word every chance you get. Parents meetings in school, after church activities, and even your workplace provide opportunities for spreading the word. There's always a possibility that one of your work colleagues knows someone who wants to move to your city who may be interested in your home.

Depersonalize the House

Lastly, you need to depersonalize your house so that those who come to view it can picture themselves living in the house. This involves removing personal items from view. For example, you need to keep the pets and their paraphernalia out of view, remove your paintings and pictures from the walls, and hide the children's toys.

Hopefully, the measures above will help you to sell your house first. Of course, you should also listen to your real estate agent's advice as well. They have many homes for sale and know what tips work best in your area.