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Choosing A Real Estate Agency: Why Your Interest In Certain Properties Should Not Be The Deciding Factor

by Fernando Moore

With all of the real estate agencies out there, how do you choose the right one? If you are just buying a house, there are only a few factors that really affect who you choose as your real estate agency and who you work with as an agent. One of those factors should not be your interest in certain properties. Here are the reasons why and how to choose a real estate agency otherwise.

All Real Estate Agencies Have Access to the Same Property Listings

Regardless of who the house is listed with, all agencies and agents have access to the same house listings. That means that if you are interested in a house that is listed with Agency A, but you want to work with Agency Z, you can still view the house and purchase it through Agency Z. Agency Z gets a small percentage of the sale if and when your agent closes the deal with you. This is why you should not be daunted about your choice in real estate agencies and agents with regards to the properties you want most to see and/or buy.

How Best to Choose an Agency/Agent Instead

Instead, choose an agency and agent by the costs. Since most buyers and sellers would choose an agent/agency by price anyway, this is a sensible decision. Your closing fees, agent fees, listing fees and bargaining fees all vary among the agencies in your area. You can ask the agencies what they charge for each of these fee categories prior to hiring the agency and agent you most want to represent your interests in the home buying market. Usually, each of these fees is within a few hundred to a thousand of those charged by competing real estate agencies.

You can also choose to hire an agency based on the awards, praise, and acclamation an agency has received. Many of these awards are given based on the agency's customer service and excellence with regards to how it treats both sellers and buyers. You may find that the agents in these agencies are more accommodating with showing houses in off-hours and are willing to be flexible in your search for a new home.

Finally, personalities and personality types are often the reason that people choose the real estate agents they do. You will have an easier time of finding a house when you find the agent agreeable and personable.