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Homebuyer Tips: 2 Ways To Analyze A Potential Neighborhood

by Fernando Moore

You found a few potential homes with the help of your real estate agent, yet you are unsure which home will best suit you and your family. One of the most important things to consider before choosing a particular home is the neighborhood, and this guide will help you do just that. The following are 2 simple ways to find out if your home sits in a desirable neighborhood. 

1. Safety First

The safety of your family and yourself should be considered before purchasing a home, and to do that you need to find out if the neighborhood is safe. Consider the following ways to find out if the neighborhood is safe:

  • Local NewsVisit a local store, and purchase a local newspaper or purchase one from a newsstand in the neighborhood, as these should reveal the kind of crime that occurs by your potential home. You will also have the opportunity to see community events and the kind of things that your neighbors might be interested in. 
  • Using The InternetResearch has gotten a lot easier with the internet and for this particular task you are in luck because there are several types of tools available to help determine if this neighborhood is a safe one. You should look for a good criminal mapping service and enter the address of your potential home to see nearby crimes. Do not forget to look for a national sex offender mapping service as well, just to make sure that you and your family are far away from these types of criminals. 
  • Analyzing On FootTake a drive around the neighborhood, and pay attention to some of the following warning signs:
    • Neighborhood watch signs
    • Homes or businesses with bars over their windows

You can talk to your real estate agent about other things you can do to find out if the neighborhood is the kind that will give you peace of mind. 

2. A Thriving Neighborhood

You also want to make sure that the neighborhood is thriving, as this may make your living experience better. And this may help preserve the value of your home as well. The following are a few signs that the neighborhood is flourishing:

  • Not many homes for sale
  • New businesses opening up instead of closing
  • Clean parks and open libraries
  • Several festivals and community events may be a sign of a great neighborhood

There are other things you can look for depending on what you want out of your neighborhood, such as a good school, and you can talk to your real estate agent about any other specific needs you want your neighborhood to fulfill.